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UKAS Concrete Cube Testing

Please see our schedule of accreditation for what we currently hold as UKAS accredited tests which cover Concrete Testing and Aggregates.

Concrete cube testing is a simple, cost effective test of the compressive strength of concrete, providing you peace of mind that your concrete is fit for purpose and in line with BS EN 12390. Concrete samples are taken from the concrete truck while being poured and are then cast and air cured under BS standard conditions. Samples are then water cured for specific periods of time at our UKAS accredited Laboratory before crushing to determine its maximum compressive strength.

Concrete cube testing is the main compliance test for concrete and is also a requirement of BSI kite marking. Cubes come in mainly two sizes: 100mm and 150mm. 100mm are more common for continuous testing and are more easily storable. Cube testing is now a common operation for all concrete suppliers; not only does it tell you if your concrete is fit for purpose but with enough information it can help alter mixes which will save you money.

Concrete Cubes tested in accordance to BS EN 12390

At Omega Concrete Testing Services we specialise in concrete cube testing at a very competitive price. We also offer a unique service which means that our Technicians will not solely test the concrete on site and leave. Technicians will also offer further assistance where needed, all at no extra cost eg. pushing a wheel barrow, offering technical assistance, etc. We may be based in the Midlands but we will travel to all parts of the UK to carry out concrete cube testing. We don’t just offer day testing, we can also operate over night, weekends, even entire weeks if necessary.

As well as coming to site and making concrete cubes, we also offer weekly collections in different parts of the country. Get in touch to find out if we could collect for you. Not on our collection run? No problem, we can and will organise collection for you.

Please contact us with all your Concrete Cube Testing needs.